The Client/Server Solution for Mission Critical Transaction Processing


The System

The need for PC-based, networked, mission-critical transaction processing applications  becomes more pressing each year, but good solutions are not easy to find.

Today's offerings in the desktop client/server market either cannot handle the performance and reliability needs of mission critical applications, or are overly expensive to develop and maintain.

That's why we created TxServer.

Specifically designed for high performance transaction processing, it is running today on hundreds of servers and thousands of clients worldwide.  Customers depend on it for mission critical applications that include order processing, real-time monitoring, inventory control, billing,  pharmacy  sales, and many others.

Users find TxServer to be a complete and cost-effective solution, with the additional benefits of rapid application development, high performance and data integrity, and lower system administration and support costs.




TxServer's unique architecture tightly binds the client application to the server, all the way from application development through application modifications, and finally to delivered operational runtime.

TxServer delivers application development and runtime, communications, and server management in a single integrated package.

The benefits of this architecture begin during application development, where the path from system requirements to completed application is fast and smooth.

At runtime, the close co-operation between client and server delivers superior performance.  Equally importantly, system integration and support costs are substantially lower, since it is not necessary to integrate software from many different vendors.

When application requirements change, TxServer tracks application version tightly, guaranteeing that the application delivered to the field always matches the customer's database in the field.






TxServer delivers true client/server distribution of workload, with processing properly shared between client and server.

Clients process applications, while the server handles transaction management, communications, and database management, all with pre-emptive multithreaded multitasking.  This lets the clients perform application calculations at the same time data requests are being processed in the server.

Demand paging of the application into the client dramatically improves performance.

And if this client-based performance is still not enough, TxServer allows up to 512 "drone" application processes to run in the background (in the server or slave server), doing batch processing or special event-driven tasks.





"The development cycle is far shorter than with other products, because TxServer automatically deals with so many of the issues - like concurrency control, setting relations, and data integrity - which have to be programmed in with other approaches.  And it's a complete system for deployment and field maintenance, so you don't have any of the typical problems of trying to work with other front ends, back ends, and tools from different vendors like you would with other systems."

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